Civil Engineering
CEMCON, Ltd. creates high-quality, comprehensive construction documents that provide developers, review agents and contractors with all the information they need to complete the planning, approval, permitting and construction process. Our knowledge of review agencies and reputation for thoroughness and integrity helps expedite project timetables.

Transportation/ Structural Engineering
CEMCON, Ltd. develops detailed roadway plans, traffic plans, traffic signal systems and structural engineering plans that help municipalities protect public safety and save money. We draw on our understanding of IDOT, tollway and municipal guidelines to reduce change orders and eliminate construction delays.

Water Resources
CEMCON, Ltd. utilizes the latest techniques in computer aided hydraulic and hydrologic studies and flood-routing analysis in the design of stormwater collection and conveyance systems, stormwater storage basins, floodplain mapping, and Dam Safety Studies. CEMCON, Ltd. has extensive experience and a thorough understanding of the methodology and provisions of Federal, State and municipal flood plain, wetland and stormwater ordinances and has performed flood studies on numerous waterways throughout the Chicagoland area.

CEMCON, Ltd. Water Resources personnel have extensive experience in analysis, permitting and design of Natural Resource and Riparian Environment improvements. Our staff routinely provides the experience needed on projects involving stream corridor enhancements, streambank stabilization, wetland and riprarian mitigation, erosion assessment, and water quality BMPs.

Land Planning
Clients work with CEMCON, Ltd. at the planning stage to better determine how different concepts and land use alternatives impact their project's financial potential. CEMCON, Ltd. planners leverage our in-house engineering and surveying resources, plus their intimate knowledge of local ordinances, to create documentation that often eliminates iterative steps between the initial concept and the final product.

Land Surveying
Accurate, timely surveys help our clients identify and manage risks and use land to their greatest advantage. CEMCON, Ltd. brings an engineering perspective to land surveys and uses the latest robotics, GPS, scanning and video technologies to deliver quality and efficiency.