In 1972, driven by the vision of offering the suburban Chicago development community a different kind of engineering service, CEMCON Ltd. was created. By bringing office and field operations under one roof, we created an efficient, integrated approach that created value at every stage of every project.

With this business philosophy we have earned the trust and confidence of developers, design/ build clients and governmental agencies, creating not just an extensive client list, but lasting partnerships, throughout the Midwest.

These partnerships have enabled us to establish a company that not only strives to, but consistently delivers, the flexible, practical and thorough services you and your projects both require, and deserve.

Our experience has taught us to ask the important questions up front, so we are able to anticipate, and actively manage contingencies and complete your projects on time and within budget.

Having this foundation in place, we have found ourselves uniquely positioned to provide the same excellence in the emerging fields of renewable energy and sustainable engineering that has been our hallmark in the more traditional engineering disciplines for over 45 years.