CEMCON, Ltd. provides services directly to Banks and Lending Institutions to maximize values of REO Assets and provide assistance in workout deals. CEMCON also leverages the power of its strategic partners, including Land Developers, Brokers, Investors and Construction professionals, to further enhance values and market properties on the bank's behalf.

CEMCON capitalizes upon over 45 years of experience in the land development industry to continue the entitlement and development process, as a result removing risk and enhancing property value. By relying on our professional knowledge and expertise, this enables Banks and Lending Institutions to focus on their core businesses of attracting depositors and lending money.

To assist Banks and Lending Institutions maximize the value of the property, CEMCON's offerings include the following:

  • Land Surveying
    • ALTA Surveys
    • Topographic and Planimetric Surveys
    • Plats of Easements, Plats of Dedications
  • Land Planning and Civil Engineering
    • Entitlement and Zoning processing
    • Permitting through various local and government agencies
    • Completion of construction drawings
  • Construction Phase Services
    • Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Inspections
    • NPDES Performance Evaluation
    • Bidding Assistance
    • Construction Layout
    • Owners Representative Services/Construction Observation
    • Bond Reductions/Project Closeout
    • Final Mortgage and Grading Surveys